Lord of Scoundrels is a Regency romance novel by American author Loretta Chase. Published in by Avon Books, it is the third installment of her. Lord of Scoundrels. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. An AAR Top Romance. review originally published on May 15, Lord of Scoundrels held the #1 spot . BOOK REVIEW: Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase Lord Dain can’t wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place—and in some.

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Maybe need to ditch the reading for a while and start on the exercising a bit more!!!

Dein, who does not know how to pull his penis out before ejaculating, put him in a safe little home? Sure, he wants attention. Keira Soleore April 8, at I loved how Dain was stunned to learn how she saw him: Just Wicked Enough Lorraine Heath.

I get a shiver and I breathe a sigh of contentment and just fall into chawe of near total euphoria. Enter Jessica, the best heroine ever written other than Jane Eyre.

Desert Isle Keeper

Dain is not your above-average, dashing, gorgeous gentlemen. They eventually do, and Dain apologizes for what he realizes has been his difficult behavior. I think this book was and is just okay.

Add to that; Without the slightest remark grandly good narrated. I mean Dain came across as a selfish, hard nosed, vain, self-center man who could care and do less for an When I picked up this book, I thought I would be in for a dark romance of two lonely people. At times I felt sooo sorry for Dain, who grew up unwanted and unloved, but other times I wanted to slap him upside the head and I hardly know what to say about this one.


I hated the hero. He had a few bright moments when he talked nice things in Italian or when he told Jess he would kill himself if she left him.

Lord of Scoundrels — All About Romance

Sebastian has some of those romance ‘misunderstandings’ but otherwise those pages are great. To her surprise, Dain converts this proposition into a marriage proposal, and they are wedded in London several weeks later. But kids are ultimately just dna splatters. I hated this book. And I have no idea why the author made this man so stupid as to not see that this girl was a sly fox that liked only herself.

The Dangerous Lord Sabrina Jeffries. Other books in the series. I have no nice feelings for her. He reached out and wrapped his monster hands about her waist and lifted her straight up until her wet, sulky face was even with his own. It just really bothered me having a supposed ‘hero’ ignore his own son as call him trash, especially when his own childhood was traumatic and in many ways similar.

See all 7 questions about Lord of Scoundrels…. He is also used to controlling others through fear, intimidation, and – of course – money, and has made a name for himself with these horribly improper behaviors. I am not a huge fan of regency novels, but this one was very worth it. People just kind of skip over this all the time.

It is pleasing, therefore, as someone who has loved her books for many, many years, to read, now and then, of someone completely unaware of her picking up one of her books and falling in love. Great hero, heroine, story, humor, romance, angst. Thankfully I barely remember much from it so I didn’t know what was going to happen for the most part. It wasn’t exactly snottiness or coldness or self-righteousness, but something close to these.

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I enjoyed how in the story we actually see Dain’s progression from a cynical, out-of-control rake to a better man, husband and father who learns how to love.

But I just…I give up. He becomes a changed man, so to speak. This book was very good. I thoroughly recommend it for everyone. I know all of his trust issues were ‘explained ‘ by his mother. Helfer praised Chase for scoundreks “an exquisite storyteller who creates sharply original characters and moves them in new and exciting ways.

And while she was a virgin, she didn’t act like scundrels nitwit when it comes to getting physically intimate with her brute of a husband. A future romance-favorite to read or listening to again and again. I could have stomached his gradual approval of the kid IF the kid became better.

As an adult, he lived This is my favorite book of all time well, tied with Jane Eyre.

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