The Authorised Evochron Mercenaries’ Technical Manual. (or “How your equipment works”). Extended & Revised Third Edition created by DaveK (aka Incoming). Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also extremely useful, .. Evochron Mercenary (Mission – Protect Navy Ship From Vonari). This manual has been written because information explaining how the technology Layout of the Manual. frame sizes used by mercenaries in Evochron.

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The hidden Alliance outpost is still being operated, although a cloaking field protects it from detection. So all you mercneary to do at this point is locate some asteroids nearby and destroy them. Rucker Rucker is named for the admiral of the Alliance fleet in the first Alliance-Federation war.

Then repeatedly engage until the ships are destroyed.

It is also used as money in some economies and is valuable to jewelry industries. With 8 hardpoints and moderate armor, it’s a well rounded fighter package capable of filling a variety of combat roles.

This is a good location to start on some basic combat contracts that will help you build your skills. Also, make sure you do not have other items in your cargo bay, otherwise you will be giving the transport free items that they will be happy to take from you without reimbursing you for them.

An X value of 90, would be near the far right of a sector on the map. A test with one of them took the carrier to the Vonari home system, bypassing the previous long distance route through RiftSpace. A class 5 cargo scanner is capable of detecting the identity of cargo either in open space or in a ship’s cargo bay at a range mercnary about Multiplayer Ships Can be Distracted Multiplayer AI controlled ships are more intelligent then their single player counterparts.

To master the game, you’ll need to explore for the best trade routes, learn effective negotiating techniques, build skills in mining and recovery of resources, save fuel, and reduce other expenses such as ship damage and fees.

Continue heading directly right on the X axis and you will eventually mmercenary sector 2,0,0, then 3,0,0, and so on.

Shield boosters are the power storage part of the shield system. Below is a chart showing the number of missions needed for each rank: They are almost always in demand and are a primary incentive for mining. But getting weapons, commodities, and equipment at a discount can provide a major financial benefit in the long run.

  E5CK AA1 302 PDF

An agricultural economy creates an abundance of food, so the prices are generally very low for that commodity. The added sideways velocity will help keep you away from the missiles longer, giving the countermeasures more time to destroy the missiles.

Any array that is at a red level is critical and doesn’t have enough energy to protect your ship from direct impacts against the hull. Completing contracts with rebels and guilds who often work against the other groups will likely decrease your reputation.

They carry numerous missiles and are also armed with particle cannons and beam cannons. When flying in combat, try to minimize using missiles as they are expensive and can deplete the profit you make from the contract.

While the system is technically in Federation controlled space, it was given independence in and has been almost entirely self-sufficient since that time.

Here is an overview of each crew member trade and the benefit s they offer: Advanced Combat Tactics Evochron Legends includes numerous combat controls and features that provide many options to attack or evade. They arrived somewhere in Pearl and the next beacon, placed near Research Alpha, manyal the player to have at least 15 units of platinum in their cargo bay. A class 3 cargo scanner is evocron of detecting the identity of cargo either in open space or in a ship’s cargo bay at a range of about One of the most profitable activities early in the game is mining asteroids and this device is needed to harvest the ore.

The Saber is a fighter class frame, although it is also used as a scout by many mercenaries. It’s also a good idea to save in different profile slots in case you accidently save at a location you don’t want.

Each missile does very little damage, it consumes all 8 hardpoints so you know mercenray opponent won’t be able to fire anything else at youit leaves the firing ship without any secondary weapons for 30 second intervals, and it risks causing damage to other allied ships they may not want to hit.

Guia Evochron Mercenary

I was considering purchasing the game but I am curious about a few things. They provide a safe path that helps keep you at higher altitudes so you can quickly fly back into space if a hostile ship gets in range.


Evochrom heavier mass allows them to react less to weapon impacts, allowing you to better maintain centering your target in the gunsight when under attack. It is one of the most recent systems to be colonized and as a result, doesn’t ,ercenary an established government or economy. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Deneb has admitted to having an advanced weapon research facility, but refuses to reveal the location. So supplies are somewhat scarce resulting in fairly high prices paid for needed commodities and equipment. Biological Units consist of cells of organic material compressed into individual storage containers.

The Predator is generally regarded as the Alliance Navy’s most powerful heavy attack spacecraft. If you enjoy hunting AI ships evochrln valuable cargo, this is a way to detect cargo in a ship without having to give up an equipment slot for a cargo scanner.

If you travel to an area that is too difficult for you, you can return to the previous system or search for another ‘Fair’ rated system nearby that isn’t as challenging. And if you try to attack with missiles, you will likely miss.

Boosters are the capacitors of the shield system, they store the energy for each array and deliver it to the shield core. And you can always ask questions here, we will answer for you. Here are some images to illustrate a few of the ways the thruster system maneuvers the ship:.

PDf version of ingame manual? :: Evochron Legacy General Discussions

Trainee Ensign Lieutenant Jr. The central circular structure inside the docking area can protect you from both weapon fire and missiles. The class 2 Fulcrum jump drive is capable of jumps up to about two sector boxes away.

Below is a chart showing the global levels with msrcenary transition overlap and how the faction values are reset as you transition from one level to the next in either direction.

High radiation exposure and virtually non-existent preventative health care result in a higher than normal demand for medical supplies, which can include medicine, equipment, and information. This can offer a profitable way to safely earn credits kercenary in the game. Loyalty and consistency is rewarded with the game’s reputation system.

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