What This Guide Offers. The content in this guide will help partners integrate the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach into their service practice helping to increase . Around 7 hours of free training video content. In the first session titled “Design Methodologies and Approaches” the presenters discuss PPDIOO. Clarifying PPDIOO So here is a clarification that I had posted in the past regarding the first four phases of the PPDIOO framework.

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Appropriate support personnel are also monitoring and maintaining the network. Support personnel show up with a spectrum and protocol analyzer to investigate the issue, it appears a new cordless operating at 5 GHz has been placed in this ciscl that was not previous there during the site survey. Article Description In the modern world of computer networks there are many moving parts that must be carefully controlled in order to get the most out of it.

Chapter Description This chapter introduces you to the concepts of enterprise campus designs, along with an implementation process that can ensure a successful campus network deployment. The more detailed the implementation plan documentation is, the more likely the implementation will be a success. The project plan should align with the scope, cost, and resource parameters established in the original business requirements.

Cisco PPDIOO | A Network Life Cycle

A detailed implementation plan describes the exact steps necessary to complete the implementation phase. Network availability has always been a top ppdipo of enterprises. The design specification is the basis for the implementation activities.

A project plan is useful for helping manage the tasks, responsibilities, critical milestones, and resources required to implement changes to the network. In implementation phase if you want to change anything then you must communicate it to all team members and also made the proper modifications in Plan and design phase accordingly, also define the proper guidelines and provide the RFCs if required.

The initial requirements that were derived in the planning phase drive the activities of the network design specialists.

In fact the primary purpose of this phase to justify the network upgrade. In practical terms, most large enterprise design engineers rarely perform the hands-on steps of deploying the new design. The detailed implementation plan section should describe the precise steps necessary to complete the phase. Examples of where downtime could cause loss of revenue is with network outages that prevent market trading during a surprise interest rate cut or the inability to process credit card transactions on black Friday, the shopping day following Thanksgiving.


Article is provided courtesy of Cisco Press. It is quite likely to go into preparation phase, planning phase, design phase and implementation phase and then you may have to go back to planning phase to make some changes and then have to go at design phase forimplementing changes into design.

In optimize phase you can modify network design if problem are coming out. Sure we hate to admit it but sometimes things happen out of our control. The main documented reasons for applying a lifecycle approach to campus design are as follows:.

Cisco’s PPDIOO Network Cycle

Nevertheless, the network lifecycle gains business agility by the following actions:. Like the previous phases, design phase is based on requirement of any business as it is parallel with technical requirements, it includes high availability, and making sure you have redundancy, failover and fault mechanism at software and hardware level. Implementations can vary pdioo between enterprises. Accessibility to network applications and services is critical to a productive environment.

Here you define the major features and characteristics of your network, also select the tools for monitoring and managements. Ppdipo design phase we create and generate the different lists, diagrams reports as per project plan and after completion the above stuff, update the project plan with design phase modifications. As such, the network lifecycle accelerates access ppdio network applications and services by the following actions:.

In plan phase you need to analysis all the requirements and plan to implement the best practices, you need to create a project plan which helps you to manage your tasks, identify the responsible parties, define cisxo, set your milestone and work with your project managers and vendors to Identify the resources that you need for designing and implementation of network.

See All Related Articles. The goal of proactive management is to identify and resolve issues before they affect the organization. Involves proactive management of the network.


The total cost of network ownership is especially important into today’s business climate. See All Related Articles. Your customer wants to implement an The network design specification is a comprehensive detailed design that meets current business and technical requirements, and incorporates specifications to support availability, reliability, security, scalability, and performance.

Notify ;pdioo of new comments via email. PPDIOO also improve the networks availability because we are using a sound and solid network design and all alone the way we are validating our network operations. The network is built or additional components are incorporated according to the design specifications, with ppdooo goal of integrating devices without disrupting the existing network cieco creating points of vulnerability.

However, network downtime can result in a loss of revenue. Moreover, when implementing a design, you must consider the possibility of a failure, even after a successful pilot or prototype network test. The network lifecycle improves high availability of networks by these actions:. If the customer wanted to implement a WLAN you would want to ask various questions. The first thing to cover is why a company would want to incur ppdooo potential training costs to follow a network lifecycle.

WLAN users in a particular location are experience slow wireless performance and are disconnected cisdo the WLAN multiple times throughout the day. I would also like to add the examples I provided are merely that, simple examples real projects require much more documentation and detail.

Verifies that interconnects have links on respective switches. The fault detection, correction, and performance monitoring that occur in daily operations provide the initial data for the optimization phase.

You can also properly make a plan for changes in infrastructure and changes in requirements for resources. Today’s networks are too critical for business operations not to plan effectively.

Cisco PPDIOO | A Network Life Cycle – Networking & Virtualization

The following list illustrates a sample network implementation plan:. I emphasized this point more then once for a reason.

Lower costs associated with IT expenses are being aggressively assessed by enterprise executives.

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