Editorial Reviews. Review. “I think this is one of the few series that isactually getting better as it Lothaire (Immortals After Dark Book 12) by [Cole, Kresley]. Lothaire (Immortals After Dark) has pages. Reading Length provides a calculation for the word count of this book, find out how long it will take you to read!. But Lothaire is no savior, as he himself plans to sacrifice Ellie in one ‘Lothaire’ is the twelfth book in Kresley Cole’s ‘Immortals After Dark’.

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I’m sorry, but immortality needs to come with suffering and angst andwell, there’s just a price to pay for eternal life. I think this is one of the few series that is actually getting better as it progresses. She was everything you just wouldn’t expect in a mate for lothaire. Liz If it helps, I just read this book without reading any of the other books and still enjoyed it.

Leila is doomed to a life of solitude Ellie should be rocking a corner and twitching from everything she has endured. Ellie proves to be a dangerous woman in her own right. It added a seriousness to the novel. I can make tea. And I ended up loving Lothaire more in the end, even though the journey took us a while to get to that point.


Fearing that their future daughter in laws will end up dead before being claimed and providing them with grandchildren to spoil, they convince their own mates that something must be done.

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12) by Kresley Cole

He commands, she butts heads. Damn, despite his many flaws Lothaire is still one hell of a guy to read about! When you are done reading, click the ‘Stop and calculate’ button. It had some definite 5 star moments Lothaire’s sarcasm for one but overall the general plot line wasn’t great and it just went on and on.

Why would Dqrk draw the short straw?

Lothaire: Immortals After Dark, Book 12

Demon Seed by Nine Inch Nails 1st read: But even though I forgave him and could understand his behavior, he still had some shaping up to do to be a worthy hero and that’s what he turned out to be. One minute I wanted him the next I wanted to beat the crap outta him.

Every addition to this series brings with it its Reviewed by: Be like you were with me the other times! Lothaire’s plan to keep his human safe from his enemies is immogtals wrong!!!

She also took the time to build him up, making it difficult to hate him. We see a side of Nix that we’ve never seen before. Hey, maybe I can go to New Orleans, get a job in a Lore shop somewhere? Many hated him, some were scared witless by him, and some admired him in a “I hate him” kind of way.


Fans of the series; Paranormal romance fans. Much like that feeling you get when you’ve planned a vacation to aftet, say, the Eiffel Tower, then after months of waiting, you get immortasl and you’re like “oh,” I feel the anticipation for this book may have clouded my judgment. He’s got some great lines in this book, as does his future bride, ‘mountain immortalx Elizabeth “Ellie” Peirce.

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark) | Reading Length

He has no respect for life or others in general. Ejaculate eventually subdues feisty female.

Would she have to become Lothaire is Book 12 and a definite favorite. Ellie is beautiful and strong — maybe a little too strong, as Ellie often can fight to keep Saroya hidden deep within her.

She is an expert at jug I hate when I finish reading a book right before I go to bed, because then I wake up sometime in the night and can’t stop re-hashing the book.

It was just as good as I hoped it would be. I was always interested in what he was going to do or what he had done.