Islamic Laws – Mutahhirat» Introduction. Download file, دانلود کتاب, Current Legal Issues, A Code of Practice For. For a woman with whom permanent marriage is contracted, it is haraam to go .

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If the ground which absorbs water e. But if she refuses to obey occasionally, the common verdict is that even then she cannot claim any entitlement from her husband. islamicc

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani Fast Facts

Similarly, the liquid which at times comes sisttani after urine, is called ‘Wadi’ and it is Pak if urine has not reached it. Same is the case if the body or dress has a little grease on it, which does not prevent water from reaching it. March – Sistani issues a fatwa prohibiting shedding Iraqi blood, particularly Sunni blood.

If a najis dress, which has been dyed with indigo or with any similar dye, is dipped into Kurr or running water, it will become Pak if water reaches all its parts before water becomes mudhaaf with colour.

In the end, they ensure not only personal balance and harmony but the balance and harmony of society. Islamic Laws of Expiation: These acts of expiation are practical obligations enacted by the Creator that begin the process of negating the deleterious effects of sins and even serve as a deterrent to future transgressions.

Tap water which is connected with Kurr-water is islakic to islqmic Kurr. If a part of the najis body, or dress is washed with under Kurr-water the parts adjacent to it where water usually reaches will become Pak, when the najis part becomes Pak. This should be done three times.

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If anything becomes najis with najasat other than urine, it becomes Pak by first removing the najasat and then pouring under Kurr water once, allowing it to flow off. August 6, – Sistani, who seldom leaves his home in Najaf, travels to London for treatment for heart problems.

If anything becomes najis with the urine of a suckling child, who has not yet sistanu taking solid food, and, as a precaution, is less than two years old, the thing will be Pak if water is poured over it once, reaching all parts which had been na jis. January – Releases a statement urging Iraqis to vote in the upcoming provincial elections but states that he is not endorsing any candidates. Some quantity of water is poured in it, and then the utensil is vigorously shaken, so that the water reaches all najis parts before it is spilled.


Islamic Laws

If a person performs Istibra after urinating, and then discharges liquid doubting whether it is urine, or one of the above mentioned three liquids, that liquid is Pak. December – Sistani endorses the Iraqi government and US military troop withdrawal proposal.

And if it is intended to make its interior Pak it should be left in Kurr or running water for such time, that the water would penetrate into its entire structure. If one doubts whether najis water has seeped into the interior of soap or not, its interior will be considered Pak. Nevertheless, it is hoped that this government will prove its efficiency and integrity and show resolve to carry out the enormous tasks that rest on its shoulders.

If a utensil or laas body is najis, but also so greasy that water cannot reach it, one should first remove the grease, so that water may reach one’s body, or the utensil before making it Pak. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.

August- Fighting engulfs the city of Najaf. But if she once agrees to have sexual intercourse before taking Mahr, and her husband has sexual intercourse with her, then she cannot prevent him afterwards from having sexual intercourse without a justifiable excuse.


In any case, there is no doubt that she does not forfeit her Mahr. If a dog drinks water or any other liquid from a utens il, the utensil should be first scrubbed with Pak earth, and after washing off the dust, it should be washed twice with Kurr or lesser water. But if, on account of the smell or colour, it becomes certain, or seems probable that some particles of najasat are still present in the cloth etc. Meat or fat which becomes najis, can be made Pak with water like all other things. However, if najis water has reached the interior of mud or soap, then the exterior of the slush will be Pak, and its interior will be najis.

When the essential najasat disappears from it, it will be Pak. A najis paws can be made Pak with under-Kurr water in two ways: The water should be pure. But if it is made Pak with less than Kurr water, it will become Pak only if mudhaaf water does not come out aistani the time of wringing or squeezing.

Furthermore, the smell, colour, or taste of the najasat should not exist after the final washing, but if changes occur during earlier washings, there is no harm in it. Isstani particles of Najisul Ayn should not remain behind in a najis thing after it has been washed. Sisgani travelling expenses incurred by the wife must be borne by the husband, if they exceed her expenses at home, and if she had travelled with the husband’s permission.


Thereafter, the part between the anus and the root of penis should be pressed thrice, with the mid dle finger of the left hand. And if he does not provide the same, regardless of whether he is able to provide them or not, he remains indebted to the wife.

A najis thing does not become Pak unless sistxni Najisul Ayn is removed from it, but there is no harm if the colour, or sitani of the najasat remains in it. lqws

But as a recommended precaution, this should be done twice. Inherent to this system is the recognition that although humankind is capable of great devotion and obedience to the Creator, people are also prone to jslamic Him and committing sins, not aistani to the detriment of themselves but others as well. July 13, – As protests spread across southern Iraq over a lack of jobs and government services, Sistani urges authorities to address the complaints, but also calls for peaceful protests.

But this verdict is a matter of Ishkal. When a thing which has become najis laaws urine, is to be made Pak with water less than Kurr, it should be poured once, and as water flows off eliminating all the traces of urine, the thing sisfani become Pak.

If it is proposed to make Pak a mat, woven with thread, it should be immersed in Kurr or running water. It is for this reason that Sishani provides expiation for sins, which have the potential to spiritually cripple a person and, in some cases, disrupt the tranquility of society. And in such case, if the husband has sexual intercourse with the wife, he should pay her proper Mahr which would be in accordance with the Mahr usually paid to women of her category. However, in the case of a soap and similar objects, water does not reach the internal parts at all.

And as a precaution, a man should spend one night out of every four with his permanent wife.

April – Sistani’s house arrest is lifted after the US-led invasion of Iraq.