Exhortación apostólica Evangelii nuntiandi de S.S. Paulo VI acerca de la evangelización del mundo contemporaneo. by Catholic Church. Pope ( EN, Evangelii Nuntiandi (On Evangelism in the Modern World) La exhortacion apostolica Evangelii nuntiandi () no menciona la ciudad, pero se refiere a. Results 31 – 60 of 81 Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World and a great Exhortacion Apostolica de su Santidad Pablo VI Evangelii.

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They differ greatly among themselves both within the same region and even more so from one region to another.

This means that, in the whole world and in each part of the world where she is present, the Church feels responsible for the task of spreading the Gospel. But there is the essential content, the living substance, which cannot be modified or ignored without seriously diluting the nature of evangelization itself.

Thus one too frequently hears it said, in various terms, that nuntianndi impose a truth, be it that of the Gospel, or to impose a way, apostlics it that of salvation, cannot but be a violation of religious liberty. No one can do it without having been sent. To drink at these ever apotlica sources without sacrificing anything of their values, and at the same time to know how to adapt oneself to the demands and needs of today- these are the criteria which will make it possible to seek wisely and to discover the ministries which the Church needs and which many of her members will gladly embrace for the sake of ensuring greater vitality in the ecclesial community.

We exhort all those who have the task of evangelizing, by whatever title and at whatever level, always to nourish spiritual fervor[]. But we are confident that despite these painful trials the activity of these apostles will never meet final failure in any part of the world.

It is the beauty of the Revelation that it represents. But who then has the mission of evangelizing? Tertullian Apologeticum And the word “language” should be understood here less in the semantic or literary sense than in the sense apostlicaa one may call anthropological and cultural.

Evangelii Nuntiandi – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

What or who is it that inspires them? AAS 57p The split between the Gospel and culture is without a doubt the drama of our time, just as it was of other times. The fatigue produced these days by so much empty talk and the relevance of many other forms of communication must not however diminish the permanent power of the word, or cause a loss of confidence in it. They include links of the eminently evangelical order, which is that of charity: May it mean for us- as it did for John the Baptist, for Peter and Paul, for the other apostles and for a multitude of splendid evangelizers all through the Church’s history- an interior enthusiasm that nobody and nothing can quench.


The Church links human liberation and salvation in Jesus Christ, but she never identifies them, because she knows through revelation, historical experience and the reflection of faith that not every notion of liberation is necessarily consistent and compatible with an evangelical vision of man, of things and of events; she knows too that in order that God’s kingdom should come it is not enough to establish liberation and to create well-being and development.

Truly the Church owes them much. Saint Augustine, Eexhortacin2: This then, brothers and sons and daughters, is our heartfelt plea.

Especially in regard to young people it is said that they have a horror of the artificial or false and that they are searching above all for truth and honesty. Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Declaratio circa Catholicam Doctrinam de Ecclesia contra nonnullos errores hodiernos tuendam 24 June The Church cannot accept violence, especially the force of arms- which is uncontrollable once it is let loose- and indiscriminate death as the path to liberation, because she knows that violence always provokes violence and irresistibly engenders new forms of oppression and enslavement which are often harder to bear than those from which they claimed to bring freedom.

Techniques of evangelization exhortacih good, but even the most advanced ones could not replace the gentle action of the Spirit.

They were fully conscious of belonging to a large community which neither space nor time can limit: Through the Holy Spirit the Gospel penetrates to the heart of the world, for it is He who causes people to discern the signs of the times- signs willed by God- which evangelization reveals and puts to use within history. He chose them,[94] trained them during several years of intimate company,[95] constituted[96] and sent them out[97] as authorized exhhortacin and teachers of the message of salvation.


Evangelii Nuntiandi

This is all presupposed within communities constituted by the Church, especially individual Churches and parishes. Let us preserve the delightful and comforting joy of evangelizing, even when it is in tears that we must sow. Nevertheless the use of the means of social communication for exhrtacin presents a challenge: They have taught generations of people how to pray.

We are well aware that modern man is sated by talk; he is obviously often tired of listening and, what is worse, impervious to words. Thus she seeks to deepen, consolidate, nourish and make ever more mature the faith of those who are already called the faithful or believers, in order that they may be so still more.

From the spiritual point of view, the modern world seems to he forever immersed in what a modern author has termed “the drama of atheistic humanism.

Leo the Great describes him as he who has merited the primacy of the apostolate. And He has commanded us to transmit this revelation to others with His own authority. It would certainly be an error to impose something on the consciences of our brethren.

This would be to forget the lesson which comes to us from the Gospel concerning love of our neighbor who is suffering and in need. In many cases it was an heroic love. Such a situation certainly raises complex and delicate questions that must be studied in the light of Christian Tradition and the Church’s magisterium, in order to offer to the missionaries of today and of tomorrow new horizons in their contacts with non-Christian religions. Saint Cyprian, De Unitate Ecclesiae AAS 58pp It is an openness to meditation first of all, and then to ecclesial ministries capable of renewing and strengthening the evangelizing vigor of the Church.

When it is well oriented, this popular religiosity call be more and more for multitudes of our people a true encounter with God in Jesus Christ. Peter expressed this exhortaacin when he held up the apostllica of a reverent and chaste life that wins over even without a word those who refuse to obey the word.

Saint Gregory the Great, Homil.