orbita, globo ocular, la conjuntiva capsula de tenon paredes orbitarias: superior ( techo): formada por el hueso frontal en su profundidad el ala menos del. Non-contrast CT is useful in the initial evaluation of orbital and globe trauma for the assessment of fractures, extra-ocular muscle herniation and. Aug 30, · “El torero Juan José Padilla sufre estallamiento de glóbulo ocular por cornada” EfektoTV Deportes: – Duration: Efekto Televisión 1,,

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Axial T2W image from orbital MRI study for evaluation of dstallamiento visual loss shows left sided lens dislocation lens luxation with hypointense lens lying dependently adjacent to retina in posterior vitreous humour.

Histology was consistent with uveal melanoma. Ciliochoroidal detachment extends anterior to expected location of ora serrata Awhite arrows.

corrida toreador – ZICC

Choroidal black arrow and retinal dashed black arrow detachment is seen in left globe with underlying subchoroidal and subretinal fluid, respectively. Additional avidly enhancing lesion is seen arising estallamienyo lateral choroid of left globe without associated chorioretinal detachment. Other globe neoplasms also predominantly involve the highly vascular uveal tract and include metastases commonly breast and lungbenign neoplasms such as hemangiomas, and inflammatory processes such as sarcoidosis 6.


In addition, knowledge of incidental degenerative changes, globe implants and fillers is important to prevent unnecessary work-up. Fundoscopy facilitates detection of retinal detachments, while contrast-enhanced MRI plays an essential role in estaplamiento assessment of an underlying cause such as a neoplasm.

esgallamiento Pathology of the Sclera Disruption of the sclera can result from trauma globe rupture Figs. The globe occupies one third of the orbital volume, with the vitreous humour representing two-thirds of the volume of the globe 2.

Traumatismo ocular

Received Aug 23; Accepted Jun 5. Anotated illustration of globe for comparison with MRI anatomy.

The wall of the globe comprises three layers Fig. It is also composed of collagen, appearing hypointense on MRI and measuring up to 1 mm in thickness. The choroid merges with the ciliary body at the ora serrata and extends posteriorly to the optic nerve head. Male primary lung adenocarcinoma patient presenting with left sided blindness. No history of trauma or prior ocular inflammation was noted.

Find articles by Lilian Hui Li Koh. Medial lesion shows oocular enhancement.

Condiciones y enfermedades de los ojos

This process of shrinkage may result in traction esallamiento separation of the posterior hyaloid membrane from the sensory retina termed posterior vitreous detachment. Despite aggressive therapy, the outcome remains poor resulting in pthisis bulbi and visual loss. Retinal detachments can be treated using scleral bands Figs. Journal List Korean J Radiol v. The retina is the innermost sensory layer of the globe and consists of two layers.


Bilateral bands of hyperdensity that do not conform to insertions of extra-ocular muscles, are consistent with prior bilateral scleral bands for treatment of retinal detachment. Majority of eye globe imaging is performed secondary to CT and MRI imaging of the brain for various reasons ranging from trauma to neoplasia.


Ocular Neoplasms Malignant melanoma represents the most common intraocular malignancy in adults and occurs in the pigmented uveal tract 3. Neuroimaging Clin N Am. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Scleral band for treatment of retinal detachment is seen on right black arrows. Subretinal fluid accumulation can occur in nonrhegmatogenous detachments secondary to underlying neoplasms estallamlento hemorrhage.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The vascular uveal tract is the most common site for hematogenously disseminated metastases within the globe Fig. Find articles by Kong Yong Goh. Axial non-contrast image from orbital CT study for assessment of homonymous hemianopia.