MV electrical network management MV substation control unit Merlin Gerin Easergy range Easergy T I User’s manual Easergy T I Contents Overview . Download: Easergy T P (series 3) User’s manual – Easergy TP. Easergy T I user manual – Schneider Electric. ic. dk. Views. 4 years ago. Module, · Enclosure, · Automation, · Interface.

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Communication protocols can be downloaded, which simplifies procedures for updating versions.

GSM external modem, Hayes commands Host baud rate: In that case, go directly to stage 4. Remote network control can be set up in phases by installing simple systems which provide a rapid return on capital and can be implemented in a few months. Battery autonomy b Duration: The principle is to open all the switches when voltage is lost and to progressively restore power to the network by successively closing the switches.

DE Available space see illustration opposite b Height: Other controls To ensure that a switch cannot be activated or deactivated accidentally and that no operations are performed at the wrong time, an order eadergy be implemented locally unless the pushbutton corresponding to the way to be controlled and the confirmation pushbutton are pressed simultaneously.

It ranges from to bauds. To perform connection and position the microswitches, the grid can be loosened and removed. Files download — Diagnostic pages 18 A Files download sub-menu allows these logs to be saved to the PC in the t2200 of Excel-compatible files. DE Battery maintenance Replacing the battery Before carrying out any work on the battery, disconnect it from the equipment by unplugging the connector from the base under the rack.


easeegy Direct RS internal interface Host baud rate: Configurable for 1, 7 or 14 days Accuracy of measurements excluding sensors Curent and voltage measurements Class 0. It is also possible to load from a file available on wasergy PC or from a floppy disk or CD-Rom the T configuration parameters coming from a preceding backup or coming from another substation.

They correspond to known operations widely used for the MV substation switch management application.

Easergy T200 P – Schneider Electric

T P changes to the other channel when there is a fault on the active channel v automatic return: For more information, consult the diagnostic table below. Schneider Electric Design, production: Execution time Voltage drop Note: In coordination with the recloser of the substation feeder, the automation system opens the switch after detecting a number of predefined fault currents 1 to 4 during the voltage dips in the reactivation cycle.

RS Modbus local network Management of 3 virtual IP addresses or ethernet port Management of the various transmission modes The ports can be configured to be easegy with single or redundant channels: Other Rated network voltage U Min. Installing the battery The battery is of 12 V – t020 Ah type.


Channel 1 switch control 4 — pin plug-in connector: U1 1 U2 2 Reset 3 4 Causes of automation locking: A Digital Acquisition card manages one way.

These events are displayed via a locally connected PC and used for maintenance purposes. It is then possible to scroll through the list t2000 the arrow keys.

Easergy T P – Schneider Electric Belgique |

The connections are made using tamper-proof removable connectors which enable: SW1 current 2 — Blanking plate: Easergy L vous garantit: It is housed in the lower part of the enclosure see illustration opposite. Open the AC supply fuse block. AC supply 9 — Cable gland: Extended customization capabilities, reliable commissioning simplified by local or remote downloading of a predefined configuration. It is not necessary to remove the fuse.

PLC programming, programme control, management of variables and memory. It performs a 2t00 test of the acquisition system. The cables must never eaesrgy modified.

It is available as an option specific software version. Minimum random time-out for sending an alarm to the Scada. This port can also be used for direct connection of the T with the PC.