Miranda Kenneally! *applause*. 1-First tell, introduce us to Catching Jordan. Catching Jordan is the story of a year-old girl who is captain. ONE OF THE BOYS What girl doesn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out? Jordan Woods isn’t just surrounded by hot guys, though-she . Jordan Woods is in her senior year at Hundred Oaks High in Franklin, Tennessee . She is unusual not only in that she tops six feet in height, but.

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Her dad doesn’t want her to play and won’t support her, the uordan of Alabama won’t let her play, and ultimately she kenneally ridiculed for loving football. What I got, though, exceeded all my expectations. Other books in the series. I’ll definitely be reading all other titles by Kenneally, if for nothing else but to catch a glimpse of Jordan view spoiler [and Henry hide spoiler ] again. Most of the time however, it’s ignore.

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally – review

I waited until Jordan stopped annoying me. When it comes to love triangles, I’d rather step on a lego. View all 6 comments. I was actually annoyed that I decided to read it over the Christmas break, as I either had endless family members over or had to go out 4. OK, i got tired of repeting kennneally as writing on ipad is so not fun and I guess that you got my point by now: I know we see more of them in further books, and I honestly can’t wait to read the others, especially Jesse’s Girlfor this reason.


The main character in this novel is a chick named Jordan. I guess what bothers me about some of the reviews is they’re bashing the book for being unrealistic. View all 16 comments. Her whole life revolves around football.


Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

Catching Jordan has quite easily become one of my favourites. As you can clearly see from m y review, I had more then few problems with the story but I am still glad I read it and, believe it or not, I actually had a good time reading it.

I’ll admit that it may not be the most creative writing style, but it was simplistic and compelling hard to put this book down.

It’s all so incredibly well-written with charisma floating off the pages that you’ll see these people come alive. Jordan’s brother was also supportive and there for her too. Anyways, I liked how Henry supported Jordan with everything, even when supporting her was breaking his heart.

The romance was decent. Since Jesse’s Girl is due for publication, I thought this would be the prefect time to re-read the entire Hundred Oaks series, and my Book Depository voucher sold me on purchasing physical copies. Let us start with the positives, shall we?

And yet, she’s got this group of guy friends with whom she’s been thick as thieves for years. I want more books like Catching Jordan, and can’t wait for Miranda Kenneally’s next novel -Stealing Parker -to be out! I just wanted to smack him! I also loved how the boys were protective of Jordan not as a female so much as a female trying to succeed in a male role. Not only is her dad a NFL hero, but in college he was a two-time Heisman trophy winner.

Catching Jordan

Jordan is one of the most kick ass quarterbacks in Tennessee. Henry was the sweetest. Such a strong friendship going on between them. Does this have any inappropriate content in it?

On the other end of the spectrum you have the girls. Read this and more reviews on catvhing blog: This is a masterpiece written by a brilliant mastermind that you Can. I was really disappointed that she jorean sleeping with Ty. And so Jordan comes up with a plan. Also, I love that her dad was an NFL player. May 11, Katie McGarry rated it it was amazing. I loved the premise, but I wondered if the football portions would be too much.


Catching Jordan was such a great way to end the year of However, I didn’t have many problems understanding what was going on, despite all the jordam lingo. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Dialogue was perfect, the action and pace spot on.

In a way, I understood where Donovan was coming from in not wanting his daughter to play football. View all 12 comments.

Jordan gets a lot of attention from playing football and has a bond with the guys that the other girls don’t. We’ve all heard the fiction of her being in delicate health. I did not want to put it down – and I didn’t, I actually read it in just one kennrally.

Catching Jordan does not do justice to the YA genre, lurve triangles, college football or girls who aspire to play traditional “boy” sports. He doesn’t watch, talk or play with Jordan. She did a thorough job, exploring both kennealy glamorous and exciting side of an athlete’s life, as well as the darker side, filled with tears, sweat, frustration and struggles.

So whilst I can understand her dad not wanting her to be football player where the level goes up a notch, how he ignored her and her talent was a crappy thing to do.

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