1. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION United States Legal Document ≠ All citizens and residents are hereby advised that this. Edition of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). Summary of . BPVC-IX Section IX Welding and Brazing Qualifications. ASME Order. Section VIII, Rules for Construction of. Pressure Vessels, Division 1. BPVC-IX . BPVC-IX. Section IX, Welding, Brazing, and. Fusing Qualifications. ASME’S ( ). • Process Piping: The Complete Guide to. ASME B, Third Edition.

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When it is determined that the test failure was caused by one or more welding related factors other bpgc essential or supplementary essential variables, a new test coupon may be welded with the appropriate changes to the welding related factors that were determined to cause the test failure. Additional information can be incorporated into ixx PQR at a later date provided the information is substantiated as having been part of the original qualification condition by lab record or similar data.

The specimens shall be tested in accordance with QW Allowable visual, mechani- cal, and radiographic examination requirements are described in QW and QW When a manu- facturer or contractor or part of a manufacturer or contractor is acquired by a new owner sthe PQRs and WPSs may be used by the new owner s without requalification, pro- vided all of the following are met: The section shall be examined at 10X magnification. Rossi, Staff Secretary M.

The performance qualification articles have numerous paragraphs describing general applicable variables for all processes. The remaining participating organizations shall determine that the welder or welding operator can perform satisfactory work in accor- dance with this Section. Metals were listed in numerical order by material specification number to aid users in gpvc the appropriate grouping number. The designer is responsible for complying with Code rules and demonstrating compliance with Code equations when such equations are mandatory.

Essential variables for performance qualification are referenced in QW for each specific welding process. Washington — New Jx K. Nisbett, Corresponding Member G.

Proposed revi- sions to the Code resulting from inquiries will be presented to the Main Committee for appropriate action. Cowfer, Honorary Member O. Dodge — Nova Scotia, Canada S. The “Brief of Variables” listed in the tables are iix reference only. Pipe coupons shall be visually examined per QW over the entire circumference, inside and outside.


Full text of “ASME BPVC IX (): Addendum to the Edition”

The qualified thickness range for the base metal and filler metal s shall be based on the actual test coupon thickness for each as applied to QW 1except that the minimum thickness bpvx filler metal joining the cladding portion of the weldment shall be based on a chemical analysis performed in accordance with table QW A change in the corrosion-resistant or hard-surfacing welding process shall blvc requalification.

Ryan — Illinois G. Demonstration of density and image npvc requirements on production or technique radiographs shall be considered satisfactory evidence of compliance with Article 2 of Section V b final acceptance of lx shall be based on the ability to see the prescribed image and the specified hole of a hole-type image quality indicator IQI or the designated wire of a wire-type IQI. Testing and acceptance criteria shall be in accor- dance with QW Senecal, Contributing Member M.

The procedure qualification test coupon shall be made using the same P-Number base metal, cladding, and weld- ing process, and filler metal combination to be used in production welding.

asme IX bpvc.ix.2010

Fulton — Alaska J. Andrei, Staff Secretary G. The Procedure Qualification Record PQR documents what occurred during welding the test coupon and the results of testing of the coupon.

Douin — Ohio Secretary J. The next Edition of the Code will be published in The liquid penetrant examination shall meet the requirements of Section V, Article 6. Revised QW form to add provisions for specifying wire adme speed and energy or power and modify for- mat of Electrical Characteristics columns.

Transverse side-bend test specimens shall conform to the dimensions shown in figure QW Tests as described in QW are used to determine the size, contour, and degree of soundness of fillet welds. Guided-bend specimens shall be bent in test jigs that are in axme accordance with QW The test specimen that contains the start and stop of the weld shall be fracture tested in accordance with QW Organizations that are authorized to use Code Symbols for marking items or constructions that have been con- structed and inspected in compliance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code are issued Certificates of Authorization.


Biel, Contributing Member J. Nelson — Colorado W.

The weld is trans- verse to the longitudinal ox of the specimen, which is bent so that the root surface becomes the convex surface of the bent specimen. The same rules as that for procedure qualification QW The quali- fied thickness ranges for base metal and deposited weld metal need not be identical, but these thicknesses shall be adequate to permit welding of the test coupons.

The manufacturer or contractor shall certify that he has qualified each Welding Procedure Specification, performed the procedure qualification test, and documented it with the necessary Procedure Qualification Record PQR. For test coupons made on pipe in position 5G or 6G of figure QW All variables, if recorded, shall be the actual variables including ranges used during the welding of the test coupon.

The welder qualification is limited by the essential vari- ables given for each welding process.

For pipe having an outside diameter of 3 in. When supplementary essential variable QW Bryan — Tennessee M. If the welder or welding operator has had his qualification with- drawn for specific reasons, the employing organization shall notify all other participating organizations that the welder’s or welding operator’s qualification s has been revoked aame accordance with QW Bishop C Cueto-Felgueroso H.

Welding procedure qualification establishes the prop- erties of the weldment, not the skill of the welder or welding operator. Specify one of the following: When a welder’s or welding bppvc qualifications are renewed in accordance with the provisions of QW When the qualification coupon has failed the visual examination of QW